Agri-Graphics Ltd. has established a tradition of excellence in bovine photography around the world. AGL was formally incorporated in 1968 by founder, Danny Weaver. Bovine photography was taken to a new level by Weaver and continued in that fashion as young new enthusiasts entered the fold.

Present owner, Kathy DeBruin joined the organization in 1972 as its first female photographer and purchased the business from Weaver in 1990.

Agri- Graphics maintains a complete photo lab for all services related to your photo. Negatives or digital files are placed in our archives so that reprints are always available. Photos taken by all previous AGL photographers are available. Negatives from Strohmeyer and Carpenter,Wetmore, Mann, Toles, Dave Morrow, Allen Crissy, Dick James and Marv Daufeldt are in our archives as well. The library of Agri-Graphics negatives and digital files alone number over 350,000.

All AGL photographers are professionals with solid agricultural backgrounds and have the expertise to produce the high quality results you need

 Agri-Graphics has a diversified library of stock photos available on all aspects of agriculture. For your specific needs, contact us.

Kathy DeBruin Hayes
Cambridge, WI
(608) 347-5407




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